There’s some good news and there’s some bad news

I was sitting in the living room watching “Danny Phantom”
(season 3) with my youngest son. (Well in all honesty I watched the
last episode with him.) Anywho- If you don’t know the story or
cartoon as it were, here goes. Danny Phantom is the son of a less
than successful ghost hunter/scientist. In a freak accident he
gains “powers”, he becomes half ghost and phantom i.e…. thus he
can fight ghosts and phantoms. Cute show.

So, this particular episode was the finale the ending to the series,
where Danny gave up his powers, because he felt they put his friends and family in
jeopardy. Now, Danny’s father’s best friend(keep following me) was
affected by the same type of accident as Danny, but unlike Danny, he
chose to use his powers for not so good. A lot of the episodes are
ones where Danny tries to show ‘whatshisname’ the beauty of both
worlds (ghost/human) and how they can share power and save the
world. But alas, he aint buying it. Well after episodes of trying to destroy the world,
‘whatshisname’ finally gets the destroy the world thingy right- and
there’s Danny with all the intent and no powers; and its up to his
friends to help him save himself and the world. Something he
previously thought he had been doing alone. And somewhere along the
way Danny realizes that even without his powers, he knew what to
do. It was never the powers that made him powerful, it was him. He
was born with it. And for the first time in his life he knew who he
was. I said all of that to say-

I was born to be Consuela. All this time I thought my family and friends made me who I am. I thought it was my job to protect and shield them from my “powers”. I’ve surrounded myself with people and persons that I thought needed me…ump…anything to keep me from actually standing on my own.

I suppose that the reason this episode rang such a bell with me, is because even after Danny gets his powers back and set a plan in motion to save the world…nothings changed. Not his friends, not his family, not even his enemies…it’s just him. He became self-aware, he accepted his powers and his short comings, he became whole. That’s it.

I’ve never done that. Accepted myself. I know the things that have happened to me, but I was never able to see me wholly without seeing them first. A woman who shall remain nameless, said that if i could just see what God sees, when he looks at me, I would be alright. I know I will never have the eyes of God, but I’m looking. I see me and I know that there will be those that won’t see it and I no longer care.

To quote Danny Phantom, ” There’s some good news and there’s some bad news! Good news is I got my powers back! Bad news is…I GOT MY POWERS BACK!”

I have been given the gift of words, I love them. And I promise to use them. I want to give to the world what God as given to me. I was born with it and only God can take it away.


~ by Xenolinguist on February 1, 2011.

One Response to “There’s some good news and there’s some bad news”

  1. Your words are also visual. Thank you, for allowing others an opportunity to see, read, and ponder.

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