It’s all Greek to me!

I woke up this morning with remnants of a blog I read yesterday on my mind. I found the subject all to familiar and like the blogs author I too am constantly amazed at how difficult it is to deal with relationship stuff. I’ve had my experiences and have been a party to many of my friends adventures as well. The differences are staggering. There seems to be no real way to deal with “relationship communications”. Should there be? I mean, what would happen to make up sex? Or fight sex or break up sex? Come on people, do we really need to solve the battle of the sexes? Trust me! I am the queen of miscommunication, but it’s not just with men…women too! Do you know how many times, I’ve lost a so-called friend or upset a friend or family member, because one of us got Lost in Translation (great movie by the way)?

Look, I said this in my last blog (if you’re surprised, it’s cause you didn’t read it! 😉 ) no two people think exactly alike, we don’t all take the same logical leaps. Now, in all honesty I am newly accepting of this truth- but nevertheless it has always been true. We as human beings are varied and beautiful,diversity is our thing! Talking is our thing! We talk and when we don’t, well that’s when things get ‘tricksy'(remember that word). It doesn’t matter if it’s man to woman, woman to woman, man to man- we have to talk. I am talking to you now. No you can’t hear my voice but I’m sure you hear what I’m saying. You can hear it in the structure of my sentence or in my use or lack thereof punctuation. You hear my ‘voice’ if you will (BTW you can hear me in text too! ;))
Words…they are our communication tool, be they spoken or written, we hang on them or from them; take your pick, but they are our life line. They are Important.

Okay here is where the word tricksy comes in-(you’re gonna love this)

Things get tricksy when you add things like…love or sex OR the possibility of love or sex. See tricksy! These two things are always what we intellectuals or pseudo-intellectuals like to call subjective. It just means, it’s personal (how you feel, what you think). What YOU want. Here again is where the logical leap thing and the not thinking alike come into play. In any given relationship be it familial, platonic or sexual, there are wants, needs, desires. Nobody comes empty-handed and if any man or woman thinks, the other person is the one with all the issues…The Mirror Has Two Faces (also a great movie). Men say women heap all theses expectations on them and women say the same and we are both right. We all do- But STOP LYING to yourselves- You are looking for something or someone. You do want to share. So deal with it!

No on is going to just give you what you want, you’re going to have to ask for it. No one is going to say or do the right things ALL the frikkin’ time- No one is ALWAYS a good listener- No one is without issues, and no issues no subjects (<—subject…subjective…haha Yes I did that! ;)) No one is perfect! Surprise!

So- 559 and counting words later…what's my point? You assume I have one? No, Seriously- The point is we have to talk to each other, we have to listen to each other (shut up Sissy!), that's what communication is, it's how we survive. Talk to one another, it's the only way to come close to knowing what the other person is thinking. WARNING! This will NOT be easy, but I personally believe (a little subjectivity for you) it's worth it.

But what do I know…

Thanks for your time-


~ by Xenolinguist on June 4, 2011.

One Response to “It’s all Greek to me!”

  1. Bra.VO. Very proud of you. And yes, “The Mirror Has Two Faces” is a great movie! Yes, lately I have been focusing on being a better listener, which has led to me shutting my mouth more, thinking more. I am thankful. I’m learning to think again.

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