The problem with being a writer and trying to blog is…details. I feel like if i just start typing and don’t give back story, i’m robbing the reader. But i’ve been doing some research and i’ve discovered that blog readers don’t need back story or engaging conversational dialog; they just want the point. Instant gratifacation.

Well i’m not sure i will be any good at that. My friends suggest that I blog and i’ve tried. This being the third blog site i’ve set up and maybe my 6th or 7th actual posted blog. I suppose if I was more into ME, I would be better at it or if I believed that someone was actually reading this and gaining any type of pleasure or insight from, i would do better.

I read a blog a few months ago, in which a 20 something girl dispensed her age old wisdom on cheating. Need I say more? I read blogs about men and womens lack of ability the to emote or commit. Let’s just leave that there. Then there are the super intellectual/spirital/other worldly blogs, where pseudo personalities pretend to be an authority on things, they’ve only read about on the internet. Which of course makes them experts!

And I am to somehow add my voice to this cyst pool? How? What will I say? How will I hook my reader? What do they want to hear?


~ by Xenolinguist on January 6, 2013.

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