Making love to you was like dying

feeling the warmth of your light  pouring  over  me

only to be pulled back to the cruel reality

my love for you has always been one sided

You never loved me

you never will love me

you’ve never known me

and you will never understand the complex beauty of  who  I  am

the truth is  you  deserve  me

deep down in your honest places

where not even you want go-

you know you deserve to be loved

the way I could have loved you

But you‘re too much of a man to know what’s good for you-

So you’ll wait and when the time is right and you’re… ready

you’ll  be  too  late

Because I will have grown past my chance to love you

and what’s worse …

I won’t remember  why  I  ever  tried.


~ by Xenolinguist on October 14, 2015.

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  1. Nice Post. Keep sharing.

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