The Beauty of Lost and Found


What once was lost can never truly be found

Nothing, like it used to be

what is old made new again.

We used to be friends, and honest

with each other.

Lovers, walking the tightrope,


Found in the beauty of memory-

Nothing Concrete-

Like cookies stolen from the cookie jar,

when no ones looking.

But I see you…Beautifully lost.

And I am, Me, found in you.

Yet, you can’t see me,

Beautiful as I try-

having been lost once, loving you.

So far gone, found only in distance and pain.

Your name can be found in the intricate weavings of my heart strings

so small and in so many places-

But there is enough space for you

the beauty in what was once lost,

and now found.


~ by Xenolinguist on October 18, 2015.

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