Don’t let the Dark side use you: A nerd girl opinion piece.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on December 18, 2015. << Can’t point that out too many times.

In the meantime the movie is garnering some potentially unwanted attention from the hashtag #BoyscottStarWarsVII. This hashtag was created by a group of pitiful internet trolls who see the film as racist…against whites.

“Racist!?” you say, “How can that be?”

Well here’s how:

1. A Black male lead: Not only is he formerly of the dark side, he’s on the dark side.

2. A female lead: Well, she’s a she and a woman and well a chick. She can’t even make decisions about her own body! Let alone save a galaxy far, far away.

I am certain that in this ‘fictitious’ galaxy far, far away Yoda is rolling on the floor (of the Jedi council room) laughing his ass off.

There have been plenty, well let’s not say plenty, but there have been successful action films and franchises that were helmed by black men and by white women. But the genre itself is now and always has been, “white-boy gold”. I won’t defend that statement, because Hollywood’s history speaks for itself. Although it should be mentioned that the voice of James Earl Jones is the ONLY blackness found in the first film besides the space they flew in.

The traction this “boycott” is getting is ridiculous and laugh out loud racist. I mean, it’s funny but not haha funny more like laugh instead of crying funny. It seems since the election of the 44th POTUS, some of our melanin challenged brethren have become undone. This is surely the sign of the Apocalypse!! A black man trying to save ‘a galaxy far far away’?! “Where’s Buffy? or Wonder Woman? No wait, those are females….that won’t work.

The other lead in the film is a white female, I can not fathom what the reaction would be if she was black as well. An extinction level event is what it would be! A black man and a white woman, what’s the galaxy coming to? How could George Lucas let J.J. Abrams and Disney defile the good white name of his fictitious galaxy far far away!!?? How could he? It must be that black wife of his and that pesky little kid they had too!

I can’t take this seriously, I just can’t. The idea that a science FICTION film is being label as anti white or a platform for white-geniocide is funny. WHITE-GENIOCIDE? Come on! Is the white male ego so fragile?

Sci-Fi and Fantasy has always been a place where all things are possible, or at least they should be. X-Men was created by Stan Lee to mirror the struggle of the civil rights movement, to show diversity, and to put a microscope to bigotry. Most writers write what they know, what they see in their environments and what they want/hope/dream to see in their futures.

It is sad, that now not even in our fiction are we free. It’s sad that we are given no quarter, to be. Not in our neighborhoods walking from the store, or at our friends pool parties, or even in a simple act of kindness like opening the door for a mother with a stroller at the bank. No freedom to be strong, no freedom to be independent, and no freedom to make decisions that alter the course of our world, because you can’t be a hero with a vagina.

It is the fear of skin and physiology which have caused these internet trolls to surface, two things which are beyond the control of any human in this galaxy right right here. They fear the loss of control over the collective, the hive mind is becoming less and less cohesive.

It brings to my mind an episode of Star Trek: Voyager in which Tuvok suggest to B’Elanna that a piece of Klingon metal she is obsessing over is an “unwelcome reminder of self-loathing”. It would seem black men and women in general are that piece of metal for these white men (trolls).

I don’t have any words of wisdom myself to offer to these mercenary nitwits, so I’ll give them the words of a very sage and wise master.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Angers leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”   –Jedi Grand Master Yoda

Until next time-

May the force be with you.


~ by Xenolinguist on October 21, 2015.

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